Training & Lectures

Over the years Gavin has run numerous courses throughout the World related to his work, these include courses presenting his pioneering work on biomechanics.

Below is a brief introduction to a subject which Gavin has been studying extensively over the last 15 years.

After much detailed data gathering, research, analysis and experimentation Gavin has answered the question, what is truly “CORRECT” equine movement in SCIENTIFIC terms …not inherited opinion.

This project has enabled Gavin to develop a model of correct equine locomotion that can easily be applied, in practical terms, to the training and treatment of any equine athlete.

Truly correct movement can be shown to benefit the equine in many ways, including increased mechanical efficiency, all sorts of potential physiological and psychological benefits but especially DECREASED RISK OF INJURY. This is why this project was of such importance to Gavin and his work.

The end result of the work has been a model of movement assessment based around the unique concept of THE THREE DIMENSIONAL POINT OF BALANCE. Using this concept allows for an accurate and extremely practically useful analysis to be carried out by the naked eye.

Gavin has begun sharing this concept throughout the World with seminars and lecture demos.

The aim of this project has not been to try and “re-invent the wheel “, so to speak, as far as an understanding of equine movement goes but rather to add modern scientific understanding to what we are doing with our equines, thus helping us to make appropriate riding and training choices …to optimise performance and safety.

Other the next few years he is likely to be running more of these courses as well as courses on the therapeutic side of his work. So watch this space for details and availability.