The Scofield Technique

Over the years Gavin has developed a unique approach to treatment based on his detailed training and wealth of experience (Over 120,000 equine treatments). The Scofield Technique.

Gavin has refined and developed Osteopathic technique to develop a unique way of working which has pushed the boundaries of what is possible therapeutically, allowing the patient’s body to achieve greater  benefits from manual medicine.

This subtle approach is specifically tailored to work with the innate homeostatic /self correcting reflexes within the body, including the postural centres of the brain. By appropriately stimulating these areas, on many levels, it is possible to help the equine FUNDAMENTALLY change patterns of tension within their muscular-skeletal system. This allows not just a release of tensions, but a PERMANENT change in postural balance, improving biomechanical function, especially movement. This improved postural balance can not only optimise the equine’s movement potential but has also been seen to help improve physiological function and psychological issues.

These techniques have been applied to a huge range of complaints from the profoundly lame to, at the other end of the spectrum, the subtle imbalances seen in a grand prix dressage horse’s piaffe. Over the years cases have included a lot of complicated biomechanical / orthopaedic referrals. Significant changes are usually seen within 1-3 sessions and tend to be maintained for the long term.