Gavin is an internationally renowned Equine Osteopath, who has been in full time Equine practice for over twenty years and has built what is probably the busiest practice of its type in the World, treating around one hundred horses each week. This has led to Gavin becoming one of the most experienced equine practitioners in the World, having carried out over 120000 equine treatments and over the years.


Gavin is a graduate of one of the oldest and most renowned Osteopathic colleges, The European School of Osteopathy, famous for pioneering a large variety of Osteopathic techniques and offering one of the broadest and complete syllabuses anywhere in the World.

He graduated over 22 years ago after completing the 4 year intensive, full time degree level training. During his training Gavin was beginning to research and study the application of Osteopathy in the veterinary field and was beginning to give guest lectures at the University of London on functional anatomy in the animal kingdom for the animal science degree students.

This study continued post graduate learning from sources all over the World who were involved in the treatment of animals both complementary and orthodox.

Gavin soon moved on to dedicate his practice life to full time animal work.

Over the following years he went on to establish one of the busiest practices in the World, being asked to work in numerous countries with a huge variety of cases on 5 continents!

Throughout his career Gavin has lectured extensively including 18 years for the European School Of Osteopathy (ESO), where he became a senior lecturer and examiner, including for many years being an examiner for the final year students practical vivas. This work for the ESO took him throughout Europe and Russia, not just helping to teach and develop students in the UK, but also helping to establish new Osteopathic courses and schools, helping to act as a pioneer spreading Osteopathy throughout the World.

Other lecturing included on Equine Science and Animal Science degrees for Imperial College and the University of London on functional anatomy; as well as numerous courses and lectures given to all aspects of the industry including vet schools, trainers’ conferences, other therapists etc. He has also run many of his own courses throughout the World on his work, unique technique and the most modern understanding and research on biomechanics, a field in which he has been at the forefront.